100% Vegan, this Dog scarf made out of Eviscose (70% eviscose, 30% polyamide). It has been knitted in 3 different Jaquard patterns. Every dog Scarf can be used with any dog collar. We have added a reflect in the dark pipping on the edge to make sure your pet is visible in the dark. Each Scarf has a QR code for pet registration. 

-Eviscose yarn  

-Eco friendly rubber tag 

-QR code for pet registration 

-Reflect in the dark pipping 

Additional information




S, M

Size reference

S: 5-10kg (Fox terrier, Pomeranian, Lhasa Apso, Maltese)
M: 10.5-23.5kg (Beagle, Bull terrier, Chow, Staffordshire)
L: 23.5-38.5kg (Collie, German Shepard, Greyhound, Borzoi)

For any size enquiries please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Composition and care

-70% Eviscose
-30% Polyamide

-Handwash with cold water
-Do not bleach
-Iron at maximum 110º
-Do not tumble dry
This is a vegan & sustainable garment made using vegan & organic cotton through a process that preserves biodiversity, biological cycles, soil integrity and animal well-being. One of our goals is to empower people to reduce their carbon footprint, purchase and wear organic clothing. That´s why we only work with proximity manufacturers cognizant of their capabilities, by making limited production quantities, and conscious to employ more sustainable processes in order to contribute to a human, animal and environmentally friendly society.